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I qualified at the Witwatersrand University and then became a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons at Edinburgh. I left South Africa to start training in Plastic Surgery but trained in Cardio-thoracic surgery and returned to Cape Town to work with Prof. Christiaan Barnard for several years and was involved in the first double heart transplant. However after completing my training I did a...

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Latest Publications

Vitamin A for the skin

The latest skincare wisdom in text, pictures and photographs from the experts in the field of Vitamin therapy for the skin.

Written by Dr. Des Fernandes (Author), Dr. Ernst Eiselen (Author)

Illustrated Guide to Percutaneous Collagen Induction

Basics, Indications, Uses (Aesthetic Methods for Skin Rejuvenation)

Written by  Matthias Aust , Svenja Bahte , Desmond Fernandes

Your Skin Factory series

A book about needling for the general public

Written by Jennifer Munro, Matthias Aust and Des Fernandes

Aesthetic surgery of the face

Chapter 12: Understanding and treating photoaging.

By Isaac Peled and Ernest Manders  2004 published by Martin Dunitz – 2004.

Aesthetic Surgery for the Facial Mosaic

Chapter 62: Pre and Post-Operative Skin Care for Plastic Surgeons.

“Aesthetic Surgery for the Facial Mosaic”  edited by Panfilov   2006

Science and Applications of Skin Delivery Systems

Chapter 4: Topical delivery of Cosmeceutic Ingredients by Sonophoresis and Iontophoresis.

“Science and Applications of Skin Delivery Systems” edited by Johan Wiechers 2008

Dermatologic, Cosmeceutic and cosmetic development

Chapter 4: Evolution of Cosmeceuticals and Their Application to Skin Disorders, Including Ageing and Blemishes .

Edited by Kenneth R. Walters and Michael S Roberts   2008

Miniinvasive Face and Body Lifts

Chapter 5: Percutaneous suspension sutures to change the nasal tip

Edited by Nicolay Serdev  2013 

Chapter 9: Holistic Scarless Rejuvenation of the Face.

Edited by Nicolay Serdev  2013

Advances in Dermatological Sciences

Chapter 19: Making sense of the Cosmeceuticals Concept

Edited by Roberts Chilcott, Keith R. Brain  2014

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