The Brow Lift


THE BROW LIFT for lifting brows that are too low.

This is a long-lasting procedure that I have refined over the past 20 years.The brows are lifted by nylon-type threads implanted through minute incisions using a needle. The threads are durable and will ensure a lasting result. The hairline is not pulled backwards and hair growth is not affected. The scars are within the hairline and are each about 3-4mm long.
The knots are not palpable.
Initially the eyebrows may appear to be excessively lifted upwards, but as the swelling abates, the brows assume a normal position well related to the bony margin of the eye-socket. This system also often helps me to design the brow according to a desired shape. I ask patients to inform me of their preference.
Forehead operations can be painful for the first 24 hours but I have a simple trick that reduces the pain significantly.

If the eyebrow needs to be adjusted at a later date this can easily be done by adding one of two extra sutures. After 6-8 months one forgets that the sutures exist.
Another version of these sutures allows me to tighten the lateral sides of the eyebrow and temple skin to reduce crow’s feet without lifting the brow.

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