Neck Lift


In some people with lesser changes the lower face and the neck can be corrected without doing a full face-lift. Generally tiny incisions in the temple are used in combination with an incision behind the ears. This is the perfect solution for people who are considered too young for a face lift but want to have a more convincing appearance of youth. Procedures range from the use of simple “Silhouette” sutures to the “Trampoline” type neck lift.

This is an extension of the surgery for the mid-face and is only suitable for people showing less lax skin and early drop of the facial tissues. Generally they will be turned away by most plastic surgeons and told to wait a few more years for a conventional face-lift. This surgery cannot be done in people with lax, photo-damaged skin who need a conventional face-lift.

Suture suspension loops are used to hold the facial tissues in their youthful position. A combination of suture suspension loops as well as threads such as the “Silhouette” threads may be required. In some cases it is only necessary to use four to six “Silhouette” sutures each side.

After the operation you will need to use a special support that I have designed to protect the sutures and improve your comfort. No scars are noticeable and even a hairdresser may never know that the operation has been done.

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