Upper Blepharoplasty


To correct the upper eyelids

This is the well-known operation to remove excess skin on the upper eyelid once the brows are in their correct position. In some people the excess skin is removed by lifting the brows (so only a brow-lift is required) whereas in others the brows are in their correct position and there may be excess skin and herniation of the fat that has to be corrected. The scar lies in the eyelid crease.
Please note that if one has excess skin on the upper eyelid and the brows are too low, then I will correct the brows first and then do an upper blepharoplasty as a separate procedure after at least 6 months. This allows me to give a more precise and better result.

I rarely excise skin from the lower eyelids because I believe the mid-facelift is the real lower eyelid corrective procedure

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