Scarless Midface-Lift


To lighten the creases from the nose and soften the “tear-trough” from the medial eye to the cheek. Click to see more detailed notes

The lower eyelid is virtually always treated together with the mid-face This is another operation that I have pioneered. I realised that the conventional lower eyelid operation which I used to do, did not correct the drop of cheek tissues that are responsible for revealing the fat in the lower eyelid. In fact that fat has merely been exposed, even if there has been some herniation of fat through the membrane defining the lower eyelid.

I lift the fat of the cheek which has generally accentuated the naso-labial crease and restore it to the position it occupied when the patient was about 25yrs old. I believe that the mid-facelift is the real lower eyelid lift (lower blepharoplasty).

Permanent suture loops are used to ensure a long-lasting result. If there is any excess skin on the lower eyelid then it is removed without disturbing the anatomy of the lower eyelid muscle. The scars are on the inside of the lower eyelid and in the hairline of the temple. If skin has been removed from the lower eyelid then there will be a barely perceptible scar in the crow’s feet and immediately below the eyelashes. The result of this operation is rejuvenation of the face between the eyes and mouth with correction of the bags of the lower eyelids and also some softening of the jowl creases without visible scars. I often support the skin with added “Silhouette” sutures.

The scarless mid-facelift can be “serviced” at a later date to restore the original younger appearance through a relatively small procedure.

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