The Better Pillow


I know that most people think that gravity is the cause of sagging facial tissues but I realised that the way we sleep has an enormous impact on how we age. As we sleep on our sides we press the tissues downwards and towards the nose for prolonged periods and that creates the heavy naso-labial lines, drooping jowls and even upper lip lines. I believe that while smoking definitely weakens the collagen lattice-work, the main cause of the lines on the upper (and lower lip is pressure from the sides contorting the upper lip while we sleep. Men have moustaches that thicken the skin and make it relatively more difficult to crease so they are less prone to making these lines.

I also realised that I could protect the suspension sutures in a mid-face lift much better by removing pressure from the cheeks. That’s why I designed the “better pillow” which supports the face on the forehead and below the jaw-line and there is no pressure on the cheek. That way my patients can safely sleep comfortably immediately after their operation without fear of damaging the surgery. The addition of the special facial mask (that I also specifically designed) provides great comfort and support.

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