The Conventional Face & Neck-Lift


With excision of excess skin in front of the ear.

This is the traditional face-lift but I always preserve the side-burn and make the incisions in the most concealed position going behind the tragus of the ear. There is minimal scarring behind the ear. I have always done lifting of the deeper tissues of the face and the skin is never tightened more than natural tension. This allows patients to appear naturally rejuvenated without the telltale signs of a face-lift.

I have an important philosophy that differs from the conventional. I believe that face-lifts can and should be “serviced” just as a car needs a service periodically in order to keep it in the best condition. The result of a face-lift can be maintained by use of the suture suspension loop technique (see below) or special threads such as Silhouette Sutures which are attached onto a small “anchor”. When necessary the anchor can be repositioned to restore the best tension of the facial tissues.

Deep permanent suspension sutures help to give a longer-lasting result. After the operation you will need to use a special support that I have designed to protect the sutures and improve your comfort. If necessary, additional sutures may be added at a later date to restore the face-lift. Please note that the fee for a face-lift does not include lifting of the brows or correction of the upper eyelids.

People often ask how long a face-lift will last and the usual reply is about six to ten years. If you analyse this response then what they really mean is that by six to ten years you will have slowly developed lax and droopy skin to such an extent that if you are inclined to, then that is the time for the next face-lift. I believe that we should intervene earlier by “servicing” the facelift by re-tightening the suture loops and threads.

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